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 An official title for my upcoming mod has been released!

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PostSubject: An official title for my upcoming mod has been released!   Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:51 am

Rejoice! With each day I am getting closer to releasing my mod.

I've been working at it for a while now. In my new mod, I am looking to create balanced between races and give them more than one single strategy to rely on. Some races have been cut out of the list due to that, some have been removed because of the new lore, but don't worry, you're going to like it!

Anyway, the new mod is going to be called "The Fifth Horseman" and, among the new balance changes, it will bring a new campaign and I hope I will manage to code "Side Quests" too!

I am almost done coding the new unit abilities and power ups, and the overall progress is at around 50%. As soon as I finish the races, the Beta version of my mod is going to come out.

If you wonder what other stuff my mod is going to bring, first I am trying to create balanced races and make WBC3 fun for multiplayer. I am also looking into reworking some spell spheres, not only to fit the lore, but also to make them great for multiplayer. I am trying to fix those overpowered spellbooks (Like Pyromancy and Healing) and give a purpose to Ice, Poison, Nature and other less useful spellbooks. Some spellbooks may be removes, or reworked so that they no longer give away free troops or no longer benefit a single race. As for the races, expect some awesome, fun changes to be coming. They may change though, as it is still the beta. My main aim at races is to make them no longer rely on one single strategy, like the swarm, who could only win if they managed to get the mines on the entire map and drain your remaining mines. They worked well against Knights and Dwarves, but stood no chance versus Daemons or Orcs, who had better map control and countered the Swarm Army's only ability: Swarming. Another good example is are Plaguelords. They relied heavily on rushing, and had no game past Keep 3. Countering their rushes would render them useless. Also certain races rely on massing one type of units, for instance Dwarves only have Runelors, anything else was useless. There were also decent races, like High Elf, who had decent archers and melees, Moonguards and Dragonknights, Orcs who had though melees and great support, Ogres and Shamans or Snipers, and Undead who could summon their troops for free and mass Liches or Skelletons. These are great examples of races, no unit is overpriced, too slow, they have great early, mid and late game units, don't rely on a hero and their units have little unit competition. I am trying to adjust all races at that level.

Later on I will code a brand new, unique race, servants of the so called "Fifth Horseman". It's a unique race which will rely on small reinforcement "Forts".

The campaign will feature a main mission and many side missions, each one directly linked to my new lore. You will read bits of lore in your journal, on items, or while waiting for your missions to load.

I will use the news section to post future releases.
Hope you are excited and looking forward to download my mod when it comes up!
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An official title for my upcoming mod has been released!
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